Ecological Movement "BIOM" is a public non-profit voluntary organization unifying young specialists, scientists and leaders that participates in addressing environmental problems of the Kyrgyz Republic and Central-Asian region.

Our Mission

We are working towards positive changes in the quality of the environment and people's lives by engaging diverse populations in the realizations of sustainable development principles and preservation of natural ecosystems.


Flowers of Kyrgyzstan


We as XXI century people, recognizing the reality of the ecological crisis, are ready to actively intervene in order to achieve more harmonious interactions between human beings and the rest of nature.

We as young scientists are confident that natural ecosystems underlie the existence and development of our civilization as well as life on earth. We acknowledge that achievement of Sustainable Development is only possible given implementation of an ecosystem approach.

We as citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic believe that any solution to environmental issues will not be efficient without the wide involvement of various public groups.


Berries of Kyrgyzstan
Birds of Kyrgyzstan

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